A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting Review

start $2.99 $9.99

A2 Hosting Review
A2 Hosting Review
start $2.99 $9.99

Do you need an experienced hosting provider for your personal and business websites? Something more sophisticated and that does not break the bank? You do not have to look much further. A2 Hosting is one of a kind among experienced web hosting providers out there. Its hosting plans leverage speed to make your web hosting a success such as improving your website search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate and Bounce Rate.

A2 Hosting offers products ranging from shared hosting, VPS, Reseller Hosting and lots more. Ever since its inception in 2001, the company has continued to improve steadily with their service getting better and the customer support is more responsive. A2 hosting has proven that it is one web hosting provider with a keen eye to meet the needs of medium-sized websites or blogs, then, know that A2 Hosting is your plug on that.

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20X better and faster hosting

You will agree that keeping up the pace in a fast-growing industry like the web hosting industry is not easy. But amazingly, A2 Hosting has always managed to overcome the hurdles of the ever-competitive market. And by the assurance of an all-time performance up to 20 times before to help you succeed as a website owner or manager, the performance now is something you can wait to check out for yourself. No doubt, your hosting provider in lots of ways impacts what happens to your webspace. Bearing in mind that your website load speed, including upload and download, is important and affects your bottom line, this 20X faster Hosting provider is just right for you.


This review might not touch on all the fantastic features of A2 Hosting, but an overall evaluation and explanation are given. Just check the website yourself. 

Web Hosting Services (Shared and WordPress Hosting)

It will interest you to know that A2 Hosting is a sure plug for you, especially if you operate a small website or a little high above medium size website. The web hosting services are ultra-reliable and high performing. Among their shared hosting plans are the 20 times faster Turbo servers that speed up web page loading features. It does not end there. You also have the Turbo Max. Meanwhile, if your webpage is something not much exorbitant, there are suitable plans for that. 

The Startup plan is the basic plan and serves you at the cost of $2.99 monthly (72% off as at the time of this review) and gives you a very high discount when you subscribe straight up on a 3-year plan. This is absolutely a great start if you are just launching one single website. Included in this plan is the fact that you have just one site it works for, get 100GB RAID-10 SSD storage. You also have a total number of databases it can run capped at five (5). 

Next to the Startup plan is the Drive plan. This plan is billed $4.99 per month and also comes at a large discount when you actually go for three years plan. On this plan, you get unlimited websites and 2X more resources. Added to this is that your site storage capacity is not capped, unlike the startup plan. It also has a free automatic backup of your activities. Also is the performance and traffic spike protection option, unlimited database (compared to startup plan with only 5) and unlimited email accounts. 

The Turbo Boost plan is something you would love to check out. I think there is too much confidence in this plan that makes it the recommended plan, actually. It sure has all the features in the other plans and A2 Hosting tops it with more improved turbo features such as 20X fast page load, more advanced conversion rates, higher SEO ranking for your website, reduced bounce rates and handles close to 9X more traffic to your website. There are also improved features on the AMD EPYC CPU performance, NVMe Drive, LiteSpeed web server and so on. It is priced at $9.99 which is more than double the amount you pay for a Drive plan, but I think it’s worth it if you are interested in those turbo features. 

Built over the Turbo Boost plan is the Turbo Max and it is the fastest service. It is absolutely more advanced since it is designed to generate the maximum performance expected in the previous plan. Here you have up to 5X more resources and improved rates over the Turbo Boost. 

Product specification

Specification for product

Screen Size40 inch
App StoreYes
Full Web BrowserYes
360 VR*Only on YouTube


A2 Hosting helps you set the ball rolling and does it fast and easily. Whether you plan to move your site to A2 hosting due to the inefficiency of your former provider, want to build a new, or need a WordPress website, A2 helps with all of that. With the shared hosting plans you subscribe for, you get to use its easy A2 SiteBuilder with simple easy drag and drop editing, free interesting and attractive themes and fast website publishing. On top of everything, if you are still not satisfied with the plans or you are not getting the services as promised in the plan you subscribe for, their money-back guarantee covers you. You can cancel your subscription and get your money back. 

A host of other services like reseller hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting have all fantastic tools that make A2 a strong host provider in the industry. 

With A2 Hosting, you can build your WordPress website. By paying for little, you can get a lot of valuables from the WordPress plans. The plans auto-update the plugins and WordPress. A2 Hosting also has Site Staging support that enables you to multitask on your site. This time, you can create and edit themes, try out new features on a copy of your website without affecting your main website. There is more than enough to enjoy as you subscribe to A2 hosting service generally. 


Let’s talk about the A2 Hosting servers. 

Do you handle more complex web projects? You are not likely to get the best of the shared hosting plans. So, VPS and dedicated services are likely going to be your best plug. These servers are very reasonable and worth recommending for their configurability. A2 VPS are in categories such as unmanaged option in which you can build design your plan by choosing the size of your disk space, CPU, RAM and bandwidth. You also have the Core option technically managed with rooting access and the Managed option comes with support and more power to help you out along the line. 


In addition to the A2 server description, you can select an operating system, your data center, and add a cPanel license and LiteSpeed. Meanwhile, to get all the interesting combinations in the servers, you can get the Unmanaged option for $5 per month (512MB RAM, 20GB storage capacity, 1 core, 2TB bandwidth) for two years plan. And you want a Core managed VPS option, it is $50 per month also for two years plan and with that, you gain 8GB RAM, 150GB storage capacity, 8 core, and bandwidth size of 4TB. 

Like the VPS, A2 dedicated plan also takes the same pattern and the least starts from $99.59 per month for 8GB RAM, storage capacity at 2 x 500GB, 10TB transfer and 2 core. Now, these plans might look like an upselling to you, but the thing is, you should spend time and think about how much bandwidth, space and intensity of what you will be working with so that you can select the right VPS or Dedicated product you actually need. 

Website creation 

A2 Hosting dashboard uses the service of WHMCS which a platform that several other industry web host providers use. On the dashboard include the sections for Domain, Ticket, invoice, Connection Details, cPanel site management tools. The Connection Details shows the technical data you may be looking for such as usernames, incoming and outgoing mail server names, password etc. The cPanel like other hosts also have Softaculous to enable the easy set of online apps like your MediaWiki, WordPress and lots more. You also have the File Manager where you can upload anything you wish to work with, including a static website. 

Interestingly, the SiteBuilder is way easy to use and be perfected at. You have beautiful templates that enable you to create a single-page site and has lovely functions such as galleries, location markers (maps) and customs forms. Added are also widgets including YouTube and audio files – all to create and manage a standard website. Therefore, everything you are likely going to need regarding the design of your website is available on A2 hosting. 

A2 Hosting Performance

Several customer reviews have attested to a high-end performance of A2 Hosting. Some uptime testing were tested on A2 Hosting Lite plan and from the various report, the result was promising. Without doubts, a web host that gives you 100% uptime on a Lite plan including every necessary default settings is definitely reliable. And by the response time, A2 has a decent average response time. Even though these tests were done on the cheapest A2 subscription plan, it is not surprising as it performs quite better than many others in the industry. Meanwhile, if you opt for a higher plan that offers you features like the Turbo boost or Max features, you are likely going to have a better response time. 


Although you are likely to experience hassles using A2 hosting services during some occasional maintenance which will beforehand be communicated to every customer, A2 is a one-stop provider you can bank on – thanks to their 99.9% uptime commitment. 

The verdict here is that A2 Hosting plans are quite affordable – at least as far as this review is concerned. Its shared hosting plans give you value for your money. And, if you are a newbie trying out a web hosting provider, the average plan across the services are worth going for. 

Although A2 host might have been based on some of their purchase plans like Turbo boost that works 20X more than others, and the Turbo Max with its ultra-speed, I think it’s worth going for. Probably, that’s the secret behind using their hosting plans, which means you start from the very best if you want the best.

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Security testing

What about security?

Prices and Packages

A2 Hosting Review

Startup Lowest Price

1 Website 
100 GB SSD Storage
Free & Easy Site Migration
Money-Back Guarantee
Great Start For A Single Site.
A2 Hosting Review


Unlimited Websites 
Unlimited SSD Storage
Free & Easy Site Migration
Free Automatic Backups
Money-Back Guarantee
More Sites & 2X Resources.
A2 Hosting Review

Turbo Boost Best Value

Unlimited Websites 
Unlimited NVMe Storage
Free & Easy Site Migration
Free Automatic Backups
Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)
Money-Back Guarantee
Turbo Servers + More Power

Turbo Max

Unlimited Websites
Unlimited NVMe Storage
Free & Easy Site Migratiion
Free Automatic Backups
Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)
5X More Resources
Money-Back Guarantee
The FASTEST Shared Server

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