12 Places to Look for New Blog Post Ideas

If you blog frequently, the unavoidable drought of blog post ideas is sure to rear it’s ugly head at some point. Sitting in front of a blank post screen for hours can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are several places you can look for inspiration, both online and offline.

Where to Find Blog Post Ideas

  1. Google.com – Their homepage features a great deal of hot news stories that you can use for inspiration. Give your opinion or spin an evergreen post off of the headlines.
  2. Google Trends – Take a look at the hottest searches on Google. Updated several times a day, you can find something that may spark both your interest and traffic to your blog.
  3. Yahoo Answers – This site features thousands of questions in a variety of topics. Choose the topic you want to write about and then browse the questions, both open and resolved. The best answers for the questions may also spark your writing creativity.
  4. Pinterest – Speaking of the popular pinning site, Pinterest can spark new blog post ideas. Browse through your boards as well as the boards that are related to your niche that those you are following have created.
  5. Similar blogs – Check out blogs within your niche for blog post ideas. NEVER copy another blogger’s ideas, but create your own angle for the topics they have discussed. For example, if they have a “10 Tips for Potty Training” post, try creating your own spin on the subject…maybe “5 Things NOT to do when Potty Training”.
  6. Writing Prompts – Google this term and you will find a wealth of prompts that you can use for blog post ideas.
  7. Bookstore – Head to your local Barnes & Noble and check out what’s hot in the nonfiction categories. Find a book that’s selling well and glimpse over the table of contents. Each chapter heading could be a potential blog post!
  8. Magazines – Check the front covers of magazines in the check out line at your supermarket. Popular topics will be listed front and center.
  9. Calendar – Are there any upcoming holidays or other occasions? Holiday posts always do great, from 4-6 weeks prior up to the actual date. Think crafts and recipes when coming up with post ideas for the holidays…those get the best traffic, especially if you share them on Pinterest.
  10. Family and friends – Ask your loved ones for topic ideas. If you are into cooking, share recipes that have been passed down through generations in your family. For crafts, get your grandma to teach  you how to knit or sew and post tutorials on your blog.
  11. Your home – Tried a new beauty or home improvement product lately? Come up with review ideas using items you have personally tested at home.
  12. Your own experiences – Been somewhere extravagant? Lived through a horrible illness? People love to read personal stories that are interesting, humorous, sad, or a combination of the three. Tell your story, breaking it up into several blog posts if needed to keep it from being one long book.

***This article has been updated from an article that was originally published on Basics4Bloggers – now part of the DiggingIntoWordpress Network. 

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