Writing an Effective “About Me” Page

The “About Me” page is one of the most important pages you will add to your blog. At least it seems like it is. I’ve always been conflicted about these pages. If someone reads your articles and leaves, it wasn’t necessary. If someone reads your blog and wants to know more, it’s vital. The worst thing about it, if you’re like me. It’s probably the most difficult page to write. You either under-share or over-share. The key is to get just the right amount of info in there with out sounding like you’re bragging and without putting the reader to sleep!

Think of it as the central hub for information about you and your site. It’s vital that you have the right information included here without going overboard. Below are five steps you can use to create a good About Me page.

How to Write your About Me Page

Include a photo or two.

Photographs on your About Me page help your blog’s visitors in a number of ways. For one, it shows them that there is a real person behind the blog. It can be easier to connect with a blogger if visitors can see what he/she looks like. Secondly, photos break up the text on the page. About Me pages can get lengthy, so including pictures will prevent your page from looking too daunting when someone comes to read.

Tell your readers about you, but don’t write a book.

Readers want to get to know you from your About Me page, but they don’t want be there for an hour. Nor do they want to know your whole life story from that one page. Save most of your stories for your blog posts, only highlighting the important stuff in the About section of your blog.

To give first-time visitors a little more info about you, link to some of your favorite posts. This gives them a taste of your writing style as well as lets them get familiar with the topics you blog about.

Mention your blog’s goals and objectives

What do you plan to accomplish with your blog? Readers like to know this the moment they land on a website, so they aren’t left wondering why they are there in the first place. Do you offer lots of unique recipes? Are craft and DIY tutorials your area of expertise? Do you babble about twin toddlers and the joys of parenthood?

Many bloggers have more than once niche these days, so it’s good to share your blog’s main topics in your About Me page.

Give a call to action.

Do you want new visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, like you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter? Tell them to do so! Okay, not in a “you better do this or else” manner, but in a way that makes them want to do what you are asking. Work with the blog’s goals and objectives section to give your readers a good reason to subscribe.

For example: “For the best Southern recipes you have ever tasted, be sure to sign up for email updates from me!” or “Looking for more frugal ways to spend time with your family? Like my blog on Facebook to stay up to date!”

Include your contact information

Yes, most blogs have a “Contact Me” page, but if you can make it easier on a reader (or brand/PR rep looking to work with you) if you include an email address on your About Me page. It also doesn’t hurt to include your social media links – especially if you are including a call to action as mentioned above.

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