The difference between a blog and a website

Blog Or Website? What Is The Difference?

This is a valid question.

Often blogs are referred to as websites and this does lead to some confusion.

What is a blog?

A blog is a series of posts which are updated regularly. Blog posts (information often referred to as content) are usually shown in reverse chronological order.

To explain simply, on the front page you will see the most recent post or posts.

Some blogs do have a static front page which doesn?t change but most blogs will have the most recent post or posts showing.

There is usually an opportunity to make a comment about a blog post and readers are able to engage with the blog owner by doing this.

No knowledge of coding is required to set up and run a blog, hence one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of blogs.

What is a website?

A website is a series of web pages and unlike a blog does not have the most recent information on the front page.

A bricks and mortar business is more likely to have a website with the addition of a blog on the website.

Often business or large corporations will have a website which allows for a lot more customization and these websites are usually managed by a professional for a monthly fee.

Creating a website does require knowledge of coding.

This means that the design and function is highly customizable however having knowledge of coding is a prerequisite.

More about blogs?

You have probably already decided that you want to create a blog if you are on this site.

The word blog comes from the term ?weblog? and initially was like a journal or a diary with frequent dated entries. This does make sense when you consider how the most recent post is always the one showing on the front page.

In recent years the functionality and appearance of blogs has changed dramatically.

It is now very easy for someone with absolutely no knowledge of coding to set up and manage a blog that is professional looking or even set up an eCommerce store selling products or services.

This is in part due to the enormous number of plugins that are written by developers to improve the functionality of a blog.

Plugins perform many different tasks on a blog and when you create your blog you will most certainly need some plugins.

Here is a great example of a blog that combines several interests and is visually very appealing. Click here to have a look at Shutterbean.


The appearance of a blog is dependent on the theme that has been used.

It is very easy to change the theme of a blog and thus change the whole appearance of the blog.

Themes can be free (and there are many online) or they can be purchased.

Themes always have some customizable element that can be changed without any knowledge of coding.

Once you fully understand the inner workings of a blog you may wish to make changes that are easier if you can write some code. For the moment though this need not be a consideration.

Different types of blogs

Here is a list of 6 blog types that have been created for a specific purpose.

It is not an inexhaustible list and please add to the comments below if you can think of some more to add to the list.

  1. Niche blogsNiche blogs are usually monetized in order to make sales and create an income for the blog owner. A niche blog can cover any topic, for example fashion, food, photography ? to name a popular few.
  2. A PassionSome people have a passion that they blog about and it may stem from a hobby. Sometimes these blogs may have a few advertisements that may generate income but this is not the main purpose of the blog. The main purpose is to inform readers and to share their passion with readers.
  3. FreelancersHaving a blog is very popular among freelance writers as a way of advertising their services and attracting new clients. ?This also includes groups in personal development and relationship niches.
  4. BusinessBusinesses often have a blog as part of their larger website. ?This presents a friendly tone rather than the impersonal tone of a big website. An employee writes blog posts to keep the blog up to date and it is a good way for business owners to inform the public about new products or developments.Small business owners may also elect to have blog as opposed to a website as the themes can be quite specific to suit businesses such as real estate, photography, fashion, food and a big plus is that the business however can manage the blog without needing specialized help.
  5. JournalingThis is more along the lines of how traditional blogging began and it is still a popular way for people to record their thoughts or views about a topic. Often travelers will blog about their journey as a record of travels which can also contain photos, videos and links to other travel blogs.
  6. OrganizationJust about every organization has a blog these days, sporting clubs and schools being a good example of this. It is a good way to pass on relevant news and post information about upcoming events.

Blogs always seek to gain a following and will often have social media share buttons to encourage readers to share the information from the blog on a social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus.

There is often the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter or to join a mailing list and receive notification by email when there is a new post to a blog.

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