How to Write More Engaging Content

Getting readers to engage with the content you publish should be a huge goal for bloggers. Many can succeed with it if they have beautiful photos or prose that just flows naturally onto the computer screen. For the rest of us, we have to work for the comments and shares we get. Below are a few tips that will help you write more engaging content that your visitors will love!

Know your readers. The best way to engage your readers is to write posts that they care about or that meet their expectations. Writing about things that do not interest them (or are way off topic from your niche) is likely to turn them off. For example, a cooking blog thrives because it posts recipes readers can use at home. DIY posts on a craft blog give readers new ideas for their paper, yarn, and other materials. Humor blogs are successful when they keep their readers laughing.

Ask questions. It stings a little to have 500 views to a post but not a single comment, doesn’t it? Providing the reader with questions at the end of your post can help promote engagement. I recommend asking one or two…and one awesome tip I just picked up: ask one that may not be directly related to the post’s topic, but that many people can answer.

Capture interest with headlines. Has a blog title ever compelled you to click through and read the entire post? Writing good headlines is often all you need to have people engaging with your content and leaving their own ideas.

Link to previous posts on the same topic. Giving your readers more information that they can easily find can help you content get more comments and views. If you’ve written a post about

Use keywords to get more interested people to your posts. This will bring your search engine traffic – people who are actively looking for the topic you’ve written about. This is likely to get more engagement, as there’s no doubt you have what they are looking for (given that it’s good, useful content).

Make your content easy to digest. Short paragraphs of text broken up with images and subheading are a great way to keep people reading. These are posts that the reader can quickly scan to determine if it’s of interest. 500 words in one large block of text is a quick way to have your visitors running.

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