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Content Is King

Everyone is keen to create effective content for a website and agrees that content is important in internet marketing and blogging and websites in general. Content has even been elevated to the “Content is King” status, but it can be difficult to keep up a dialogue that fits the “King” label.

Here are some strong, effective ways to help create content people want to keep reading.

Create An Excellent Title

The title is super important because it should catch the attention of anyone browsing or searching online.

If readers don’t love the title, they are not going to read the article – end of story. 

There are some brilliant online title generators which really help with inspiration. 

Mostly all that you need to do is type your keyword and hey presto a huge amount of titles appear all using your keyword.  Sometimes I find one that catches my eye and with a tweak here and there is is perfect.  

Here a couple of them but a quick Google and you will find many more.

The Best Online Title Generator

This one is fun and good for stimulating further ideas.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

If you are writing from an affiliate marketing stance, you need to have your chosen keyword in the title.

Often it is easier to write the title once the writing has finished or you may even think of something perfect whilst in the writing process.

Bear in mind that if you are writing with SEO in mind, you need to have the chosen keyword in the title whilst still creating a catchy title that will get interest.

Hook Readers With Your First Paragraph

Hook the reader

To hook a reader is just a way of saying that your article is so intriguing that the reader is hooked into wanting to read more.  

There is some snippet of information, maybe a word or phrase that resonates with them and that’s it, in they dive.  

I know that happens with me and it isn’t just online it is any reading, even a novel.

I do tend to scan a lot as most internet users do these days so when something catches my eye, I will stop and read or bookmark to read later. 

With gazillions of web pages out there it is really important to focus on the title and the hook.

Tell the reader how your article will solve their problem. 

A problem might not be a problem per se but it might be that they are looking to purchase a gift or find a recipe or locate a plumber. 

Make sure you highlight the article’s relevance right away in the first paragraph. This will keep them reading.

Have A Unique Selling Point

People are being barraged by dozens of your competitors every day. 

Yes, this can sound scary and quite daunting but remember no one will have quite the voice that you have. 

Everyone has their own style of writing and you need to let this shine through in a strong writing style, a depth of knowledge or some other quality that makes you unique.

Are you worried that you don’t have a writing style?

This is something that develops with the more writing that you do. 

Like anything else writing is a skill that gets better with practice.

Remember, if you aren’t sure how you’re different, no one else will be sure either.

Be Direct And Specific In Your Articles

Many bloggers who learn about article marketing are just concerned about keywords, and while those are important, your articles have another job to do.

Remember that people will read these articles, they are busy and they want information that is clear and concise.

Don’t waste their time and yours by rambling.

Although longer content length of articles is currently favored by Google, that doesn’t mean filling your articles with fluff just for the sake of getting to a certain number of words.

You need to be adding some value for the reader.

Remove language that isn’t necessary and be efficient with your words.

Ask Yourself What The Reader Wants To Know

This is a super important step.

Continue asking yourself

What is it that your reader wants to know?

Asking yourself this throughout the writing process will help you to focus on helping the reader and offering them something that they will find useful.

If you are reviewing a product, often there is a focus on the positive aspects of the product but don’t forget about the negative also.

It doesn’t hurt to show that maybe the product has some quirks and maybe you can even suggest a way to overcome those quirks.

Don’t get sidetracked, keep the reader in mind at all times.What is it that your reader wants to know?

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Appeal To The Emotions

People are usually emotional buyers even when they claim to be otherwise.

We have all pressed on that buy button impulsively, it’s part of human nature.

Create effective content for a website

End With A Clear Call To Action

Make sure that every piece of content you write ends with some action that you want the reader to take.

Should they visit another page on your site?

Should they buy one of your products?

Should they share the article with friends and colleagues?

Let readers know what you want them to do, and there is a good chance they will do it.

Content is indeed king on the internet, but only if you know how to create the kind of content that attracts readers and potential customers.

Give your work to someone else to critique.  

People are happy to do this and even if you don’t always agree with all points of view it it very handy to see what others think – a fresh pair of eyes never goes astray.

As a newbie, read other blogs in the same field as yours, become familiar with the movers and shakers.

There is no doubt that practise really does make a huge difference.

Read! Read! Read!  and Write! Write! Write!

If you do all of this you will be able to create effective content for a website.

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