Log In To Your Blog and Discover The Dashboard

Logging In To Your New Blog

To get into the back-end, from now on called the Dashboard, you will need the email from your web hosting provider that has the username and password

The password can be changed later but for now just use the password you have been issued.

The way to get into your site is as follows


So for this site it is


That will take you to the login area which will look like this

Enter your Username and Password.

You will then be in the Dashboard of your site.

The Dashboard is just a name for the back end of your site.

It is where all the work is done and this is what it looks like

Don’t be concerned if your site looks a little different.  I have already installed a plugin and I can see a message regarding the plugin at the top of the page.

It may look intimidating at first but as with anything once you gain confidence and understanding it will all make sense.

The Menu Bar on the Left

On the left menu bar (black background) there is a list of features most of which will expand when clicked on.

Go ahead and click on each tab.

You probably won’t remember where anything is to start with but that’s okay, it won’t take long before you can find your way around.

The Front End and The Back End

The front end is how your site appears to everyone on the internet and the back end is the Dashboard or behind the scenes where you do all the work.

Firstly though, let’s look at how you can see the front end and the back end at the same time.

This is very useful when you are making changes to your site as you can just swap between tabs.

If you don’t like the way the site looks, you can then swap to the other tab and make the changes.

Look at the graphic below.

Hover over the site name and the Visit Site site button will appear. 

This means view your site from the front end

Right mouse click on that link and choose Open link in new tab option. 

Now the site will be open at the front end in one tab and the back end in the other tab as shown in the graphic below.

The Front End

The graphic below shows the site from the front end.

It is very basic because as yet it contains no content.  

You can see the basic format of a site emerging with a space for the title in the header area, also a sidebar and a few lines of text where the first post will appear.

These are all labelled for easy identification.

Note in some blogs, there may also be a sidebar on the left side and in other blogs no sidebars at all.  

These are all choices that you can make with your blog.

The next post in this series will be writing a blog post.

It will show

  • How to add a new post
  • Adding the post content
  • Writing a title 
  • Using the editing tools
  • Adding images

Before you add a post there are some settings that you need to change.

WordPress has default settings but there are some modifications that will improve your site and one of those is the settings for permalinks.

There is a detailed description of permalinks here with step by step instructions with graphics which show how to make the necessary changes.

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