The Importance of an Editorial Calendar for Bloggers

A blog cannot survive without content. Bloggers must publish quality posts on a consistent basis in order to draw followers and keep them coming back for more. There are many types of content you can provide for visitors – recipes, lists, tutorials, reviews, etc – the key is continually publishing so there is always something new to read. Without the consistency of fresh posts, you will find it hard to increase page views or returning visitors.

One way you can ensure you are publishing on good schedule is to use an editorial calendar.

What is an Editorial Calendar?

Though it may sound like something fancy, an editorial calendar is nothing more than a paper or online calendar that you have filled with your upcoming post titles and ideas. Magazines live by these, as they have to know what’s is in their current issues as well as what to plan for future issues. This is pertinent for advertising as well as ensuring their pages are filled with good topics.

Bloggers can greatly benefit from an editorial calendar as well. You want pages of interesting content, just like magazines, right?

Benefits on an Editorial Calendar

  • Staying organized. An editorial calendar is the best way to sort the blog posts you want (or are required) to publish. With the calendar style, you can see exactly what reviews or sponsored posts need to be written or scheduled. You will also see when you have free days to post whatever you wish.
  • Filling out your blog with good content. To keep your blog from becoming too full or adverts or reviews, you can use an editorial calendar to include evergreen content between posts you are being compensated for. Try to space out sponsored content so that you don’t start looking too spammy.
  • Storing content ideas. Never forget a blogging idea you have again! Many people keep a notepad on hand to record ideas, but often the paper gets lost or trashed – and the topic is then lost. If you put topics straight into your calendar as you think of them, they will always be there when you are ready to write the post.
  • Meeting deadlines. Ever written down a deadline and then forgot to reference your planner that day? With an editorial calendar, this problem is less likely to happen. The visual aspect allows you to see what’s due days before – and it’s perfect for scheduling content ahead of time. No more writing in the middle of the night to meet a deadline!
  • Increasing productivity. With an editorial calendar, you can get much more blogging done. There’s no “Oh no, what should I write today?!” Filling the calendar with your requirements and any other topics you want to write about (even in the future) means you always have something you can to blog.

WordPress Bloggers – There is an incredibly useful editorial calendar plugin that you can use. It puts the calendar inside your dashboard and you can create new posts straight from that page. This is perfect for scheduling posts, or at least filling the calendar with ideas.

Do you use an editorial calendar? Has it made blogging easier for you?

***This article has been updated from an article that was originally published on Basics4Bloggers – now part of the DiggingIntoWordpress Network. 

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