Guest Posting Etiquette for Bloggers

Guest postinging can be very lucrative for anyone looking to get more traffic or revenue from their site. Essentially, this is the art of writing a post on your niche that you will then submit for publication on another blog – preferably one in your niche that is more popular. It can also help in terms of Google Page Rank, as it provides your blog with a relevant backlink.

So, how should you go about guest posting? There are rules of etiquette that both sides of the situation should follow. Below, I will break down what you should do as the guest blogger as well as what to do if you are the blog owner receiving the article.

Etiquette for Guest Bloggers

1. Only offer your best work. Make sure the blog post is free of spelling and grammar errors. It should also be completely original and able to pass CopyScape. You don’t want to provide another site with crap – not only will it not be accepted by the other blog owner, but it will also give you a bad name.

2. Don’t go overboard with links in your guest post. While it would be okay to do one link to your site and another to a reputable site on the topic of your post, no blogger is going to want a 500 word post with 10 links buried inside. Choose a topic that is related to another piece on your own blog, and link to it accordingly.

3. Take the time to find a post already published on the recipient’s blog which you can link to within your content. This internal linking is highly effective for Google PR and search rankings. Taking this step out of the blogger’s work of publishing your post will be welcomed.

4. Only choose blogs within your niche – or that would benefit from knowing more about your niche. If you are a parenting blogger, for example, it’s highly unlikely that a gardening blog will be interested in your articles. You will also be wasting your time with trying to get more traffic, as most visit a niche blog specifically for tips on the subject at hand. Finding other parenting blogs where you can offer your advice or tips will make your time guest blogging much more worthwhile.

5. When you find a blog you are interested in posting on, read through several recent posts. Get a feel for how the owner conducts herself. Does she use a serious tone, or is humor laced through her posts? You will want to offer content that is structured similarly to what is already available on the site, to get the most response from the blog’s visitors.

6. Promote your post once it goes live on the other blog. If you expect the blog owner to drive traffic to your site, you need to do the same. Plus, it makes you look like more of an authority figure in your niche. Since other blogs are willing to publish your content, you must know your stuff!

Etiquette for Bloggers Accepting Guest Posts

1. Only accept a guest post that you can publish within a reasonable amount of time. The guest blogger has taken time away from their own blog to craft a unique piece for your blog, so you need to share it with your readers within a week or two.

2. Give 1-2 dofollow links to the blogger in exchange for the free content. That is the payment they are seeking for the post they have written for you. Plus, Google prefers top ranking sites have a healthy mixture of dofollow and nofollow links, so it will not harm your own blog to give the guest blogger a bit of link juice.

3. Promote the guest blog post just like you would your own. Again, you have received free, quality content that you didn’t have to slave over yourself. Be gracious and help the guest blogger out by sharing it with your readers – AND your social media followers.

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