Guide to Setting up a Blog

How To Set Up A Blog

How to start a WordPress blog from scratch can be an intimidating task for newbies.

It is like learning anything new, it seems hard at first but it is just a matter of learning what to do and applying that knowledge.

Setting up a blog is no different, it is a step by step process.

Here are the four essential steps to get started. Each of these four points links to a detailed post explaining what to. It is a step by step process so once you have chosen and purchased a domain name, the next step if to purchase web hosting and then finally to install WordPress on your site.

Follow each of the following links to complete each step.

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. The Do?s and Don?ts of Buying a Domain Name.
  3. Web Hosting ? What is it and how to choose the best package for you?
  4. How to Install WordPress.

Now you have WordPress installed you will be ready to conquer the world with your new blog.

Now the fun part starts.

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