How to Write Great Product Reviews

At some point, many bloggers want to break into doing product reviews. They like sharing their opinions and want the world to know which brands they recommend. It’s a great way to test out new products and find new companies to purchase from as well. One trick to getting brands to notice you is to learn how to write great product reviews.

First, you must understand what a product review needs to do. It needs to be an objective look at the item with your personal experiences and opinions mixed in. It needs to be thorough as well, so that the potential buyer can make an informed decision whether or not to purchase the product once they are finished reading your review.

So, how do you make your product reviews great? Following these 4 tips, of course! pastedGraphic.png

1. Begin your product review with a good hook! This will pull the reader in, making them want to know more about the product you are reviewing. Which catches your attention better…”The Blah Blah 3000 is a good product because….” or “Are you ready to get rid of that unwanted hair for good?! Well, I recently tried out the…” Asking a question or stating a solution to a common problem are great ways to get your reader hooked.

2. Take your own personal photographs! Stock photos can easily be found on a brand’s website. Avoid using these on your product review…instead use personal product photos of the item right out of the box as well as in use. That’s what interested readers are looking for – they want to visually see someone using the item before they decide to buy.

If they wanted to see a stock photo, they wouldn’t leave the brand’s site.

Weird Stock Photos

3. Do not skimp on the text of the review! Some bloggers may think a quick overview of the product with an “I like it!” or “I don’t recommend it!” is a sufficient product review. However, these look lazy and give the reader no real info to base their purchase on. Instead, you want to be very detailed.

If it’s a food, tell how it tastes, make comparisons to other foods, tell if it was too sweet, too bland, etc. If it’s a cleaning product, tell how well it cleaned your stove (a before and after photo would be GREAT!), if there was a bad odor from using it, if you had to use a lot to get a small job done. For clothing, mention the fit, the color and how it worked with other items in your closet, where you’d wear the item.

People read reviews for the personal takes and experiences – not just to see a rehashed version of the product description!

4. Write the review at least 5 days after you’ve begun using the item! Most items need to be used at length  before you can give an honest review. The exception would be food or something that can only be used once. Be sure to use other items at least 3-4 times so you can spot any benefits or problems that you may have missed in the first use.

5. Tell readers where to buy! Finish your product review by directing your readers to a salespage for the product, if possible. If it isn’t available online, tell them which retailers sell the product. If linking to a site such as Amazon, use affiliate links so you can make money from your blogging efforts.

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