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Easy Steps Showing How To Insert A Table In WordPress – not a table in your dining room!

As a blogger using WordPress, you may sometimes need to add a table to your post.

The reason for inserting tables into WordPress is that a table helps to organize information in a manner that is easy to read.
A table is a way to sort data in rows and columns.
The data might be text or images/videos or links to affiliate products, in fact anything where information needs to be sorted in a manner that is easy to read.

You choose how many rows and columns you need and it is easy to add more rows and columns or delete some if necessary.

Tables are often used in comparison websites where products and prices are being shown.

Without the table to organise the information, the information could be difficult to read.

Inserting a table in WordPress is done at the time of writing the post.

A table can be inserted in any position in the post, at the beginning in the middle or towards the end or wherever you want it to be.

Let?s get started

How to insert a table in WordPress

Watch this video or follow the steps outlined below the video.

Go the the dashboard, and add the plugin tinyMCE Advanced. ?This plugin gives access to more editing tools in WordPress. One of those tools is Tables. It is an excellent plugin and very easy to use.

This is the link to the url where there is more information about Tiny MCE Advanced. The plugin can be added through the Plugins tab in the Dashboard.

Back to the Dashboard, scroll down to Posts, hover the cursor over Posts and choose Add New.

Now that the plugin has been installed you will the extra toolbar across the top of the editing tools.

Click on the drop down arrow next to Table.

Hover over Insert table and choose the configuration of columns and rows that you need.

Decide how many rows and columns by hovering the cursor over the image.

Click on your choice and now that table will appear in the body of the blog post.

At this point it is difficult to see as the cells and columns have not been sized.

Drag the corners to enlarge the table. If you have specific measurements they can easily be added in Properties which we will see in a minute.

You will now be able to see the configuration that you choose, that is the number of columns and the number of rows.

You will also be able to put your cursor in each cell individually.

By choosing Properties you can make changes to the size of the table, add and delete cells and columns, change the background color or the border color.

If you want to add html to the table you will need to change from the Visual view of the blog post you are creating to the Text view (see image).

The text view will show you the html for the blog post and table that you have created. ?This image shows where to insert the html (for example, an affiliate link).

Inserting a table in WordPress is easy to do. You might want to experiment before writing a blog post so that when you write the post you will be more familiar with using the tool.
There are other plugins with the function of inserting tables into WordPress?however what is brilliant about the Tiny MCE Advanced plugin is that it also includes other editing tools so the one plugin has multiple uses.

I find it invaluable and always include this plugin as a standard in any new blogs I create.

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