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What is WordPress Managed Hosting? Everything to Know

WordPress powers 42% of all websites on the Internet. The content management system is the world’s most popular CMS platform, holding a 64.8% market share. Companies like Zoom, Salesforce, and even Microsoft use WordPress to power their sites. Not to mention millions of small to medium-sized businesses that use  WooCommerce for their online stores. Although WordPress is an excellent tool, all of its features rely on one important factor — where the files are hosted. This article examines WordPress managed hosting and why it’s the perfect choice to serve your WP pages. Discover the benefits of managing hosting including enhanced WordPress website security. Learn the differences between discount hosting versus managed WordPress hosting. Read on to learn all about website hosting services and why you should choose a managed solution.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you’ve attempted to set up WordPress on your own you understand the challenges involved. First, you have to choose a hosting provider that supports WP’s list of requirements. Then you need to install WordPress and configure it. You then must find and upload a theme along with all the plugins you need. That doesn’t cover the constant updates, security issues, and backups that need addressing. Managed WordPress Hosting is a special type of WP solution that takes the hassle out of DIY WordPress sites. These specialized services can install, maintain, and secure a WordPress site on your behalf. They’re experts in WP administration and react immediately to issues like core security updates.

WordPress Managed Hosting vs Discount Hosting

A Google search for ‘WordPress hosting’ produces thousands of results. Many hosting providers offer extremely low prices and promise the world! But are these discounted plans any good? The major differences between a managed WordPress host versus a discount shared service include:
  • Shared means sharing resources with hundreds of other sites
  • General cPanel dashboards aren’t optimized for WordPress
  • Discount services offer discounted speed and database access
  • No automatic back-ups and limited support
Once you factor in the full range of services required to run an optimized WP site, discounted hosts don’t fit the bill. They’re fine for a very small website where the owner doesn’t mind if their site goes offline. Yet if your website needs to remain online 24/7 then choose a managed solution.

Managed WordPress Website Hosting Services

A managed host knows how WordPress operates and works to ensure your site provides the best performance possible. ‘Managed’ means they take care of every aspect of WordPress’s installation and administration like:
  • Initial set-up and hosting configuration
  • Installing the latest version of WordPress
  • Implementing your chosen theme and plugins
  • Checking security vulnerabilities and updating code
  • Backups and ongoing support
Unless you’re a web developer or have experience with coding and databases, you can’t do all this yourself. A managed WordPress hosting firm specializes in WP maintenance. They’re fully versed in security, PHP, MySQL, and other WP technologies. Just like you’re an expert in your industry, they are experts in WordPress.

Benefits of Managed Hosting

We’ve already highlighted some of the benefits of WordPress managed hosting but will now explore these in more detail. Read on to learn why choosing a managed provider is essential to delivering a secure WP site.

1. Improved WordPress Website Security

Because WordPress is a popular CMS it draws a lot of unwanted attention from hackers and online threats. Daily vulnerabilities emerge that see a website hijacked or used to distribute malware. Brute force attacks on weak passwords can grant unauthorized users access to the Admin dashboard. SQL injection attacks can change data or wipe it away completely. WordPress helps to address these issues by alerting admins to new security updates available. However, these need immediate installation and as many site owners rarely use the dashboard, they’re often ignored. Plugins show in red because they’re outdated and act as backdoors to your site by malicious users. Managed WordPress hosting ensures all critical patches and security fixes get updated daily. They also follow WP’s guidelines on backing up data before an update occurs. That means if something goes wrong your site won’t go offline.

2. Ongoing Support

Discount hosts offer little in the way of one-to-one support. When your site goes down, they aren’t there to help get back on your feet. The role of a managed provider is to be there when you need them the most. You can contact them and expect to see an immediate response. Although, odds are they already know if your site is experiencing an issue and are fixing it as you type!

3. Daily Backups

Your WordPress database contains your site’s content, WooCommerce products, and other essential data. If it stops working or the information gets wiped then your website could stop working for good. One of the benefits of managed hosting is performing daily backups. Scheduling backing-up ensures you get up and running again if the worst should happen. That includes the accidental deletion of your posts. Backups don’t just cover MySQL databases but also themes, plugins, and core WordPress files.

4. Faster Loading Pages

Google values fast-loading pages that display on a user’s screen. The search engine giant uses Core Web Vitals to calculate whether a site offers a great user experience or not. And quick loading times are at the heart of that initiative. A managed host doesn’t lump your site along with hundreds of others. That means you get 100% of the server’s resources which leads to faster connections and speedier load times. SSL security comes as standard so your customers always experience a secure visit.

5. SEO as Standard

Achieve better Google Search results with a managed host. As your site will have 99.999% uptime, Google will always find your site online when it visits your pages. Its bots will see how quickly and smoothly your site runs and will reward you accordingly. Notice the difference in your analytics when you jump from shared hosting to a managed service.

Dig Into Hosting WordPress Websites With the Experts

WordPress managed hosting ensures your WP website is secure, fast, and optimized for your users and SEO. Never worry again about rogue plugins or vulnerabilities as your site’s always kept up-to-date. You’ll see a rise in traffic as Google rewards quick-loading websites. And any accidental data deletions can roll back with ease. Digging Into WordPress endorses expertly managed WordPress hosting services that you can rely on. Managed hosts offer guaranteed uptime so your customers always see your site online. Visitor experiences remain safe and secure as plugins and themes get updated daily. Everything’s managed on your behalf. Read more WordPress articles on our website and remember to bookmark us for tips and advice.
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