Social Media – So Many Choices, So Little Time!

Social media is a blogger’s ultimate promotion tool…and it can also be the ultimate time suck! Once you get the hang of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Google+, you may find yourself socialize more and blogging less. This can lead to a lot of overwhelming feelings or even burnout with your blog.

What are the Top Social Media Networks?

Just a few years ago, Facebook was a bit of a lone ranger. I wasn’t used quite as much by bloggers back in the day, but it was still the top network (before that, the best was probably MySpace). Then, Twitter came along and made it easier for us to communicate in small chunks of information. This meant little more than a post title and URL could be shared, which many found convenient and time saving.

Since then, we’ve seen the emergence of Pinterest, which has definitely taken the social media world by storm. It currently drives more traffic than LinkedIn and Google+ combined (Source). How many people you know that have never said, “I saw this on Pinterest!”? Google+, a strong rival for Facebook, is also gaining ground. Those concerned with SEO and Google rankings are definitely encouraged to join, as profiles and status updates are beginning to appear search results.

StumbleUpon has also become a great media tool for those that want more exposure for their recipes, DIY tutorials, and other evergreen content. LinkedIn has become a network geared more toward professionals, but many bloggers are finding the service helpful as well. Having a profile is similar to an online resume, with the added features of connecting with others in groups, leaving recommendations, and more.

Time Management for Social Media

  • Set up blocks of time to visit your social media accounts each day. I do it once in the morning right after checking email, and then periodically throughout the day. Once I have finished my work, I give myself full reign of the sites.
  • Close out any social media pages when you are working. This lessens the temptation to click over and “just have a look” at your Twitter feed or Facebook stream.
  • Consolidate your social media efforts. Programs like Hootsuite allow you to check your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more without visiting the sites. You can also use them to update your statuses or tweet your new blog posts. Having everything in once place makes checking your feeds much easier and faster.
  • Schedule tweets and Facebook page updates. This can be done in Hootsuite, and it’s actually beneficial to your outreach. Tweets going out each hour allow more people to see your links, especially for older posts that need more eyes on them. Facebook updates sent two to three times a day allow you to reach people using the site at different times, hopefully increasing your rate of engagement.

I also want to mention social media as you begin your blog. It’s a good idea to stick with just one social media network at first. You should go ahead and create the other accounts so that you can get the name you want (as long as it’s available now). New accounts are created everyday so you don’t want to run the risk of losing your preferred username.

Give yourself a week or two to become familiar with the network before adding in another. Learn how to automate the first one before you move on so that you are still benefiting from it. Eventually, you will have a nice presence on each social media account and should begin to see traffic from them all.

***This article has been updated from an article that was originally published on Basics4Bloggers – now part of the DiggingIntoWordpress Network. 

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