Dealing with Spam Comments on WordPress

If you have a blog, you will inevitably get people trying to submit spam comments on it. There have actually been programs built to send out mass comments, and you can rest assured your blog will sometimes be caught in the wake of these attacks.

Fortunately, if you are running WordPress, there are ways that you can combat the comments to keep them to a minimum.

Deal with Spam Comments on WordPress

How to Deal with Spam Comments

1. Akismet – This is a plugin that allows most of these fake comments to end up in your spam folder. The folder is easy to empty so you can quickly eliminate any spam you have received. You must set up an Akismet key the first time you install it. The good news – your key will work on any future installs (on other blogs).

2. Captchas – This involves a random set of numbers or letters that a visitor must type in before their comment will be submitted on your blog. They can be added with a plugin and are effective against many auto-comment programs out there. Note: Many people find captchas very annoying, and even though they turn away spam, they may also turn away legit comments.

3. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin – This is currently my favorite way to fight spam comments on my blogs. The plugin adds a checkbox beneath the “Submit” button, which must be checked before the comment will go through. It’s very easy for the reader to simply click that before they submit their comment. Since I’ve been using it (with Akismet), I’ve noticed my spam comments go from about 50+ per day to 10 per day.

The plugins mentioned above can be downloaded straight from your WordPress dashboard by searching the name.

As a blogger, you will likely have to deal with spam comments, possibly even on a daily basis. However, using these methods to reduce the spam you receive will make handling comments much easier for you.

***This article has been updated from an article that was originally published on Basics4Bloggers – now part of the DiggingIntoWordpress Network. 

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