Do you Need a PR Info Page?

If you plan to work with brands through blogging, you need to make it obvious that you want PR and brand reps to contact you. Not every blog automatically ...

How To Use Google Docs And Google Drive For Writing

For some time now, I been using Google Docs in Google Drive for writing all of my blog posts. I have tried other writing and editing programs but I ...

What is a Domain Name?

When we think of a domain name we automatically think of the name of a website or blog. For example, the domain name of this blog is ...

Choosing the Right Domain Name for your Blog

Having a suitable domain name for your blog is important. It’s the web address that people will type in to their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) to get to ...

Writing a Pitch Letter 101

If you are a blogger wanting to do product reviews or other opportunities with brands, a pitch letter can help get you noticed. This is basically an email ...

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